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CyberSurfers, Inc. has independently developed several Internet "front end" and "back end" technologies to satisfy the needs of our own network of high traffic web sites. As a result, these same technologies are now used by thousands of small and large organizations around the world. The "back end" management systems that power our customer sites are in a realm of their own. Web based user registration and administration, web based database creation and management, web based electronic mail and newsletter tracking systems, web based e-commerce systems with automated daily manufacturer updates and product filtering, and web based testing & quiz generators are just a few of the systems designed and built by CyberSurfers.

Some of our custom applications include: (Keep in mind, CyberSurfers is the actual developer of these programs, not a third party reseller or "code installer".)

  • Web Based Survey Systems
    If you need to conduct market research, measure employee satisfaction, measure customer satisfaction, conduct public opinion polls, gauge association membership opinions or just need to know what people think, an online survey system can be the perfect solution at an affordable price. Knowing what a customer or potential customer thinks or suggests is a key factor to success in any type of business.
Survey Screenshot
  • Web Based Quiz Systems
    Similar to a survey system, quiz systems designed by CyberSurfers have been used by companies that wish to test individuals or to engage online users. Our quizzing engines can be custom configured to either be traditional quiz, or work as an adaptive test engine that will determine what questions will be asked depending on the individuals answers to previous questions.
Quiz screenshot
  • Web Based Bulletin Board Systems
    There are several types of bulletin board systems available to give your visitors and clients the ability to communicate with each other. Whether you need a simple bulletin board added to your web site, or require a more complex and multi-categorized feature-full bulletin board system, CyberSurfers is here to help you achieve your goals.
Bulletin Board Screenshot
  • Web Based Guestbook Systems
    Although mostly used by personal web site owners, CyberSurfers has guestbook technology that can be customized and scaled to fit your needs. Over the years and due to spam, most businesses have removed their original "free" guestbooks and have replaced them with professional guestbook systems that have the ability to avoid spam collection as well as add additional features.
  • Web Based Calendar/Scheduling Systems
    If you or your staff has meetings or appointments, a web based calendar /scheduling system is the perfect solution to know who is where. Allow your staff to see where everyone is, anytime, and anywhere you have an Internet connection. A web based calendar /scheduling system will also allow your customers to view a calendar of events or schedule your services.
Calendar screenshot
  • Web Based Registration Systems
    With the CyberSurfers registration system, it is possible to allow and restrict individuals from specific parts of your web site. In addition, a customized registration system is an outstanding way to collect information and provides for a better customer service, more efficient follow up and increased sales.
Registration Systems screenshot
  • Web Based Contact Management Systems
    Maintaining your contact info and customer lists is a snap with the CyberSurfers Contact Management System. Bring all of your lists together to create a user friendly and powerful database available anywhere there is an Internet connection. After you have everything in place, this system can be linked with the Newsletter Tracking System and you can promote your products and communicate with existing and potential customers.
Contact Management Screen
  • Web Based Content Management Systems
    Why pay for simple text changes on your web site? CyberSurfers has developed technology that allows you to easily edit the content on your web pages. Save time, double entry and more! Customized content management solutions by CyberSurfers will allow you to edit even the most difficult of content as frequently as you need.
Content Management System Screenshot
  • Web Based Newsgroup Systems
    Not everyone knows how to configure news and discussion groups to work with an e-mail client software. Also, finding out news servers and their location can also be frustrating. CyberSurfers has built technology that allows anyone, anywhere to access tens of thousands of news groups. Used by millions of people around the world, our technology can be ported to your web site. Custom filtering helps with eliminating unwanted groups and provides for greater flexibility in eliminating unwanted content.
Newsgroup Screenshot
  • Web Based Search Engine Systems
    If you are looking for search capability, CyberSurfers has the technology and experience to give you the search functionality that you need. Used by millions of people, our search features can be customized to handle small, medium and large portals. In addition, our search technology allows for pre-configured crawler bot systems, intelligent pattern matching, user configurable filtering, and powerful intelligence gathering capabilities.
Search Screenshot
  • Web Based Crawler Bot Systems
    Have you ever tried to index the Internet? CyberSurfers as early as 1997 began such a task to develop intelligent crawler bots. Using simple Pentium 2 computers, 128MB ram, and large hard drives, CyberSurfers was able to achieve the lookup, translation, collection, filtering, and storage of hundreds of thousands of domains per day. Call CyberSurfers today if you need to index competitive information or require keywords-based intelligence.
Crawler Bot Screenshot
  • Web Based Database Creation Systems
    Are you tired of using Excel to manage your information? Is Access too hard to use? Look into the CyberSurfers database creation systems to help you manage your data online via web browser. With easy to use interfaces, powerful searching, and import / export abilities, you can stop wasting time looking for what you need.
Database Creation System screenshot
  • Web Based Quoting Systems
    Services can be sold on the Internet; however, information to effectively quote a price must be collected. Using the CyberSurfers Quoting System, will help your sales team by automatically creating an intelligent quote based off of your normal manual process. This saves your staff time, and provides your potential customers with the information they need with a few clicks of the mouse.
Quoting Systems screenshot
  • Web Based Calculator Systems
    Your web visitors are often interested in obtaining detailed calculations based off of parameters that only they know. If your business uses mortgage calculators, interest calculators, quote calculators, etc. and you need the ability to update the formulas and numbers required to keep up to date, CyberSurfers can help you configure a calculator to save your customers and your staff time.
Calculator screenshot
  • Web Based E-Commerce Systems
    The Internet is one of the most cost effective methods available for selling products to potential clients. CreateStore v3.0 is the product of choice if you wish to sell or catalog your products online. Join the multitude of companies currently using CreateStore and start reaping the benefits of a powerful, easy to use, and affordable online catalog and e-commerce system.
eCommerce screenshot
  • Web Based Newsletter Tracking Systems
    The CyberSurfers NTS (Newsletter Tracking System) allows you to determine a wide variety of statistics, improve your readers' interest, and to make your e-mail campaigns more effective. The ability to track is the ability to give your readers and customers the information they want and need. Call CyberSurfers for a demonstration of the NTS, and begin saving on your mailing costs while you spread the word about your business.
NTS screenshot